COMELZ CALIGOLA 2019 Version 19.04.1 LTS For Leather industry CAD

OPEN to every CAD/CAM system. To import, export and edit patterns in DXF format, with conversion filters for any system or setting. To save patterns in XML public format, and make them always accessible to every CAD/CAM system. To import and export data in the new Assomac standard format.To communicate also with users without any CAD system:
– exporting patterns in PDF format, printable by any printer or plotter.
– exporting patterns to Caligola NP module that, without any CAD, can cut or print on any HPGL compatible plotter.

Intuitive and modern

Tools and features are flexible and customizable by the user, which facilitates beginner learning and speeds up the work for expert users.
Caligola 4 has been created using highly flexible software techniques and to exploit at the best the most powerful and updated hardware. It effectively summarizes experience and innovation, also providing graphic innovations such as transparency overlaps, multicolor common lines, antialias filtering for high quality representation, automatic labels, piece creation facilitated by automatic hiding of non related entities, etc.

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