Shoemaster 18.01 Full Version

Shoemaster is a world leading CAD/CAM system providing 2D and 3D solutions for the footwear industry.

Designed by traditional shoemakers, Shoemaster CAD CAM solutions contain all the tools and functionality required for the design, development and engineering of all types of footwear. This innovative system reduces costs, improves quality and increases productivity.

Based on proven technology developed over four decades, the software is used successfully worldwide by a portfolio of long standing customers.



The Shoemaster range of CAD/CAM software provides a versatile solution for all aspects of the shoemaking process, delivering all the functions that modern shoemakers expect.

Our software range contains all the tools and functionality required for the design, development and engineering of all types of footwear.

Solutions Include:


A powerful 2D and 3D pattern engineering system incorporating a full grading system advanced last flattening system and all the functions found within Shoemaster Classic and Esprite.


Our most traditional CAD solution for 2D patterning engineers including input of existing standards, advanced grading and style transfer.


The perfect solution for 2D pattern grading including 2D style input and automatic pattern generation.


The perfect solution for design and development teams allowing the creation of virtual prototypes with corporate colours, textures and 3D components.


A powerful solution for the analysis and comparison of 3D footscans and lasts; this software contains all the measuring and modification tools to create bespoke lasts for clients or patient specific requirements.


The Shoemaster E-Last system converts 3D scan data or digitised data of lasts, leg lasts, casts and socked feet into CAD ‘surface’ models.


The perfect solution for pattern engineers creating bags and accessories including all the tools for pattern input and style development.


Suitable for leather and synthetic fabrics this pattern assessment software calculates material use and wastage by piece, groups of pieces and complete shoes.


This data management tool contains modules to manage production control and costings using work generated in the Shoemaster engineering, design and APA II software.

Shoemaster Forma

This powerful, visual last modelling tool replaces all the common manual operations to sculpt or combine lasts to create any shape required.

Shoemaster EasyLast

This popular last modelling software provides a quick and easy solution for sculpting new lasts from one existing or two combined last shapes.

Think Heels

Specialist 3D software providing all the functions for the modelling, prototyping and mould production of heels.

Sole Design

Specialist 3D software for the design and engineering of both traditional and complex soles and moulds.

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