Yuka SuperAlpha Plus 2.90 Full All System Work x86 or x64 | Multi-languages: English Korean,Chinese, Japanese,

Super Alpha PlusYUKA CAD is accurate in pattern production, the silhouette is expressed more effectively, the required menu is manually programmed and

Super Alpha Plus
YUKA CAD is accurate in pattern production, the silhouette is expressed more effectively, the required menu is manually programmed and it is possible to use repeatedly, shortening the development time.

Pattern Making

SuperAlPHA Plus’s pattern making is made by computer based on pattern production by three-dimensional development drawing method and conventional hand expression technique.

Pattern production is accurate and the silhouette is expressed more effectively.
The development time is shortened because the necessary menu is directly programmed and can be used repeatedly.
You can efficiently manage and modify separate pattern elements.

It is possible to make a pattern easily and quickly by inputting numerical values with two original circles made using the pattern-making menu.

2. Use each confirmation menu
You can check each angle by connecting each element apart.

3. Using Knit Pattern You can use the knit pattern to get the
saved data and combine it with the existing pattern.

4. Dart fold view
menu By using Dart fold view, you can check the line when it is actually sewn and modify it at the same time.

5. PAC Auto Pattern
Creation Menu You can use the pattern know-how of the pattern data and reuse it.

6. Making an incision pattern
using the incision menu Various incision menu can be used to make it easy.

7. Curve menu
Use the curves menu to save frequently used curves.


SuperALPHA Plus grading supports various grading methods, so you can work the way you want.

1. Improvement method It is
easy to grade by making increases and decreases in size.

2. Point method
Grading can be done according to manual type by applying point values.

3. Section Improvement + Point Method
You can use a combination of the incision method and point method.

4. Disadvantages Moving
method It is a grading method suitable for obedience that requires precision.

5. XY Grading (Point Grading)
You can grade by matching the length of the body and the fitting.

It is easy to move and fix sub-locations.

Various grading methods are supported.


SuperAlPHA Plus’s marker program supports various functions, so you can get maximum effect with simple operation.
It supports manual, automatic, semiautomatic, reference markers,s, and pattern matching functions (check marker). It is very easy to modify with a pattern program and can be used in conjunction with CAM (Automatic Cutting System).

1. Interlocking with pattern program
After completing the pattern operation, you can go to the marker program and perform the marker operation.

2. Marker pattern correction
When you modify a pattern, it is easy to modify the pattern by linking it with the pattern in the marker.

3. Opening Additional Markers
You can open additional machiners that have already been worked on to make editing and relocation easier.

4. Enhancement of Automatic Layout
The ALPHANEST function of Super ALPHA has been added to the automatic layout function of the marker.

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