Wilcom True Sizer 4.1 Full Free Download Link

Textile embroidery is a technique that requires precise and useful instruments. Wilcom Truesizer is a tool that allows you to resize needlework patterns adjusting the thickness of the wool with precisions as well as the distances between stitches.


  • Needlework support software and designs related with embroidery.
  • Change the size of the designs maintaining the original shapes, density and parameters of the needlework.
  • Work with the native Wilcom EMB file format.
  • View the designs in TrueView or normal stitch view.
  • Print the worksheets.
  • Create features and prints for sale.
  • Save your work in EMB format or other standard industrial or domestic machine formats.


How the application is used is very simple, so you will be able to easily expand the scale of the patterns of the drawing or adjust the size to your needs.

Get hold of essential tools within the world of needlework. If you need to expand your drawings and adapt them in size, you have to download Wilcom Truesizer for free.

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