We also create garments techpack

As a fashion design agency, We also provide clients with high-quality garment tech packs, which are critical documents for the garment production process. A tech pack is a detailed technical specification sheet that includes information on materials, dimensions, construction details, and branding elements for a specific garment. My team of experienced designers and pattern makers works together to create accurate and comprehensive tech packs that clearly communicate the design vision to the production team. The use of detailed illustrations, technical drawings, and clear specifications ensures that each tech pack is easy to understand and follow. By providing clients with professional garment tech packs, you streamline the production process, ensure that each garment is made to the highest quality standards, and help bring clients’ fashion ideas to life.


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Garments CAD Solution offers 2D and 3D pattern making services for the apparel industry. This service allows the creation of precise and accurate patterns using computer-aided design (CAD) technology, streamlining the pattern making process and improving efficiency in the industry.

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