StyleCad V10.5/10.6 Multi Language Full Work Windows 10-8-7 64Bit & 32Bit

Well designed short-cut keys and patented QuickStep feature save 40% of time. Best curve quality in the industry and the most powerful drafting tools including various Guide Lines, Parallel Line tool, Trace tool, Trim/Extend tool and Curve drawing/blending tool. Automatic Seam tool, Facing tool, and Cut/Stretch tool work on multiple patterns and are very convenient. Dart, Dart Transfer, Ruffle/Shirring, Pleat tool are easy to use and accurate. Curve Blending tool is simply the best and can simulate manual drafting process.
Control-C/V copies patterns, curves, grading data, text, symbols etc with extreme ease. Snap feature supports 4 levels (Point, Intersection, Outline, Grid) and it aids in accurate selection and movement. Original Pattern feature shows snapshot copy of the pattern to help verify modification. Photos, pattern images, sketch files and voice recording may be saved to style and e-mailed within the program. Reports produce images, pattern data and pattern spec data in various formats including Excel spreadsheet.
Beginners will find context sensitive right mouse menus and help videos extremely helpful.
Variety of grading methods are supported:
  • Direct grading with Up/Down/Left/Right buttons, Auto Grading, Perimeter Grading, Intermediate Grading, Notch Grading 6. Radial (Offset) Grading
  • Innovative Real-time grading gives immediate feedback to the user.
  • Flexible size list and grading rule library management system
  • Multiple Pattern/Point operation allows simultaneous grading of grading points in 2 or more patterns.
  • Auto Grading allows applying grading data using a similar pattern.
  • Support resolution of up to 1/256 inch and various units such as inch, cm, decimal or fraction.
  • Grading line blending is performed as you grade each point.
  • Each size may be individually graded and this feature is especially useful for custom tailoring and children’s apparel.
  • Very powerful Intermediate Grading tool supports grading multiple pieces or internal lines together.
  • Notch Grading ensures perfect notch interval and ease amount between multiple pieces.
  • Radial (Offset) Grading is especially useful for grading unconventional pieces such as lady􀁳s innerwear and sportswear.

StyleCAD Marker

StyleCAD can handle any type of fabric and lay-down methods. In addition to simple drag and sliding, pieces can be inserted into holes and manually placed.
  • Sophisticated error checking such as incomplete grading and overlapping pieces ensures marker integrity.
  • Up/down/left/right arrow on the keyboard may be used to move pieces.
  • Pattern can be rotated freely, 90 deg and 180 deg using quick mouse button actions and keyboard provides fine rotation control at 10 deg or 1 deg interval.
  • Saves up to 10 user selected snapshot markers for comparison in various marker widths and placement.
  • Pattern can be overlapped or placed slightly outside the fabric.
  • Patterns can be arranged by style, size, or length.
  • Supports irregular fabric checker pattern with up to 10 irregular intervals in both x/y directions.
  • Multiple markers can be merged together.
  • Fabric Yield, Utilization %, Size Ratio, Piece Count, Marker width etc can be viewed for multiple markers.
  • Convenient marker save summary shows marker status,number of overlapping pieces and number of pieces outside the fabric.


Simply enter the utilization goal (%) and time and the Automarker produces markers exceeding 80% in a matter or few minutes saving enormous time and effort.
  • AutoMarker saves cost by saving fabric and labor cost.
  • Unattended overnight multiple marker nesting. Unlimited number of jobs in the queue.
  • Analyze and recommend best fabric width for a given set of marker widths.
  • Flexible grouping options for sectional marking: by size, bundle, name or custom grouping.
  • Adjust individual rotation and group rotation (180, 90 or free rotation), flip and direction parameters.
  • Partial automarking lets you take advantage of the operator’s experience and skill.
  • Fusible Blocking and grouping feature are supported by Automarker.

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