Pointcarre V3.0.64 Full Option Work Windows 10 Pro 64Bit & 32Bit

New Features

56 Channels

Unlock your true creative potential, Pointcarre now supports up to 56 channels, instead of 24 !

Combo collection

Simply powerful, create up to 255 different Combos from a specified color source

Let Cleansing change your life.

Cleansing filter provides an amazing way to smooth images while preserving edges and remove noise.

Pixels are modified to achieve the perfect balance between sharpening and hiding defects.


create accurate samples, cut cost and save money

Fabric Simulation

Save time

By creating virtual fabrics before physical samples, designs can be modified easily and sample approval time can be significantly reduced


Special stitches library for the process of simulation. Using stitches with knit effects filters makes the simulation very realistic



Simulate your fabric sample with a library of 4000 weaves and 200 yarns that you can customize. Control the yarn shadow and the fabric density


Check how different colors (such as paints or inks) combine. Take the digital print and the finished print from the rotary screens and compare them. It’s really difficult to tell them apart !

Why Pointcarre ?

Our experience

We have been in the textile CAD business for over 30 years and continue to develop our software

Mac & PC

We are native on both MAC & PC software. Pointcarre looks visually the same on both Mac and PC

World-class training

We will do whatever we need to help you get started and will be there for you as your company continues to grow

User friendly

The ability to scan artwork, fabrics, materials and photographs, then quickly work in flat color and in repeat


The design path easily leads from one mode to another. For example, the transition from Print to Weave is seamless and the designer never needs to leave Pointcarre or jump between modules.

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