Optitex 21 Full Version Cracked

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OPTITEX O/21 HIGHLIGHTS Exceptional rendering of avatars and materials. Enjoy superior accuracy in creating digital samples with a variety of materials, and create even more attractive customer- and buyer-facing images, including: Professional control on lighting environment, materials, and scene details Translucent avatar skin and realistic hair Extended Sample pack avatars, such as dark complexion avatar, off-white kids’ avatars, floor and parametric leg models 58 Awesome new materials from Vizoo & swatchbook.us added to the Optitex library, plus additional 70 Swatchbook materials are available for free download New material effects – embroidery, beveled logos & multi-layered applique-like materials Enhanced support for Vizoo’s high-definition custom materials imported by our customers Support for new ultra-fast Nvidia Ampere architecture cards: GeForce RTX 30 Series and Quadro A6000 Optitex 21 Full Version Cracked quantity Description Optitex O/21 release description Improved workflows. With O/21, you’ll benefit from user-defined workflows for specific styles, and create Mix & Match simulation for your line and range reviews: Fast and easy way to create multi-garment combinations with an exquisite mix & match of colorways for line and range reviews Simplified workflow to create puffy jackets, and draping long dresses on a floor Optitex O/21 fashion design software Live fit sessions on O/Cloud. With Optitex’s newly upgraded platform, you can conduct virtual fit sessions directly and collaboratively… in the cloud! View your garments and fit data in 3D, and add comments/action items on the fly, plus: Tension maps and mesh – including stretch in weft and warp directions, and distance to avatar, are now automatically exported from PDS to O/Cloud In agreement with Alvanon, you can now view Alvanon avatars from PDS to O/Cloud, and display them together with garment styles along with the tension map and mesh data Live fit sessions on O/Cloud Tech Pack Essentials. With this new licensable module in O/21, you’ll save significant time and resources on manually creating a tech pack, and gain better control of communication between brands and suppliers during your design and development process. Quickly and easily generate a tech pack document, a technical description of all aspects of a style Tech pack essentials include 3D colorway images, pieces images and data, measurement chart data and dimension placement schemes, stitching data and schemes, and trim information Easily export data in FBX, DXF, and SVG formats for flexible formatting and usage options Size-dependent text on patterns. Achieve greater control over instructions and information shared between patternmakers and the production floor, with the ability to set different text for each graded size Size-dependent text on patterns in O Marker. Enhanced buffer definition enables greater flexibility when defining different buffers for different edges of a piece, plus, marker table is now divided to up to six areas for improved handling of shading variance across fabric width with automatic nesting. We’ve also added new parameters to Marker reports, with complete info on pieces placed on marker table, as well as stripe/plaid parameters, and a new batch command, to automate adding flaws to a material. Optitex O21: Enhanced buffer definition enables greater flexibility There’s more! With Optitex O/21, you’ll also enjoy these version enhancements: 3D Design for Illustrator – 3DDI is supported on macOS Big Sur & Adobe Illustrator 2021, plus, simplified export of blocks from PDS to 3DDI, reducing manual work of hiding unnecessary layers PDS 3D – Improved camera angle for frontal garment pics, new preview images for all stitches, buttons, and accessories, for easier selection, simplified segment shapes to reduce the amount of memory consumed by the app, and improvements to custom shader handling in PDS Fabric Testing – Improved calibration procedure to enable precise stretch measurement as well as accuracy and consistency Optitex 21 Full Version Cracked كيفية تثبيت Optitex 21 Optitex 21 full version install e working windows 10 11 64 bit 如何安装 Optitex 21 Sådan installeres Optitex 21 Optitex 21 installeren So installieren Sie Optitex 21 Πώς να εγκαταστήσετε το Optitex 21 ऑप्टिटेक्स 21 कैसे स्थापित करें Cara menginstal Optitex 21 Come installare Optitex 21 Optitex 21 のインストール方法 Optitex 21 설치 방법 نحوه نصب Optitex 21 Como instalar Optitex 21 Cum se instalează Optitex 21 Как установить Optitex 21 Kako namestiti Optitex 21 Cómo instalar Optitex 21 Hur man installerar Optitex 21 Optitex 21 nasıl kurulur Як встановити Optitex 21

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