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ONYX ProductionHouse is wide format production RIP software that delivers high levels of automation, enhanced for superior output color and quality. Print service providers can achieve a streamlined print production process and reduce the time needed to prepare print jobs resulting in sellable prints faster.



ONYX ProductionHouse delivers the ability to automate print production and reduce the need for costly manual intervention to do repetitive tasks. Features such as the ability to split multi-page documents and tiled jobs, mean shops can get more done and reduce overall turnaround time.


ONYX ProductionHouse delivers the power to control print production workflow and output quality which helps print providers gain a competitive advantage while meeting tight customer deadlines. Versatile tools also support multiple print applications and help shops get sellable prints done faster.


ONYX ProductionHouse helps shops get expert color in just a few clicks. It simplifies the building of unattended workflows for automation of routine tasks, making print production more efficient. ONYX ProductionHouse also helps shops save time and reduce waste on last minute changes with intuitive job control.

Key Features

  • Superior 64-Bit ONYX Color Engine optimized for wide-format inkjet technologies
  • Highly automated Print > Read > Next color profiling system
  • Proprietary PowerChroma™ black generation technology
  • Includes a comprehensive set of drivers with thousands of standard color profiles
  • Smart 16-Bit™ Processing
  • Exclusive ONYX PosterColor® rendering
  • Maximum workflow efficiency with automated and unattended Print and Print-and-Cut workflows
  • Complete printer operator feature set for automated nesting, tiling, color correction, job management and archiving
  • Automatic PANTONE®, RAL and HKS® spot color matching
  • White and specialty ink tools
  • Step-and-Repeater module for fast creation of textile patterns
  • RIP-and-Print on the Fly while processing other files
  • Recognized as a G7 Support Tool

Onyx Graphics announces newest version release ONYX 21.1


Onyx Graphics, Inc., today announced the global availability of ONYX 21.1, the company\’s newest software version release of industry leading wide-format RIP and print workflow software.

ONYX 21.1 launches on the heels of ONYX Go, the company\’s new subscription RIP software and builds upon industry leading ONYX 21 with an all new PDF Soft Proof workflow and Print Label Cut Path functionality. RGB soft proofs can be easily generated on the fly or automated using ONYX Quick Sets for a quick visual reference of final output before printing. Print Label Cut Paths automatically adds a cut path around print labels to provide print buyers with important job information for future prints.

\”ONYX 21.1 continues the vision of ONYX 21 to provide easy-to-use tools that give Print Service Providers a competitive edge in today\’s environment,\” said Matt Crawford, Director of Product Marketing at Onyx Graphics. \”ONYX users can expect to see more frequent product releases like ONYX 21.1 to ensure they meet the evolving needs of their customers.\”

ONYX 21.1 also introduces new options for ambient light measurement using ONYX Media Manager, Custom ICC build options for light source measurement, and a series of new device support options including transmissive profiling using the X-Rite i1 Pro-3, full support for the Fotoba XLA cutter and on-demand color device installation.

Highlights of ONYX 21.1 include:

• PDF Soft Proofs to reduce customer artwork approval timelines

• Show finishing marks, grommets, sewing marks, cut paths and label data before printing

• Print Label Cut Path functionality help PSPs:

o Include shop logos on print-and-cut jobs

o Provide important job information to print buyers for print-and-cut jobs

• Media Manager ambient light spot measurement

• Custom ICC build options for light source measurement

• Centralized proxy configuration

• On-demand color device installation

• Transmissive profiling for X-Rite i1 Pro3

• Fotoba XLA device support


ONYX 21.1, covering the entire product portfolio of ONYX solutions including ONYX Thrive print workflow software; all ONYX RIP products; and ONYX Go subscription RIP products, is globally available. It is automatically provided to ONYX Go subscribers through a soft download product update; available to all ONYX Advantage customers by requesting a key update; and to all other customers through a license purchase. Onyx Graphics is providing a special promotion to upgrade.

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