Melco BravoOS Flex 12 | BravoOS V12 Full Work Windows 11-10-7 64Bit 32Bit

Melco Simplified User Interface Upgrade Software for Bravo Machines


From touchscreen compatibility to advanced settings, the BRAVO SUI (Simplified User Interface) is a joy to use. This new interface is easier to use and self-intuitive for our users to understand.

  • Easy design loading.
  • Registration of designs is easy with the laser alignment feature.
  • Simplified color sequence customization.
  • Thread tensions are automatically adjusted by BRAVO OS. This feature
  • reduces thread breaks and simplifies machine operation.
  • Installation is a breeze.

Intuitive Control Panel with Large Buttons and Clear Icons


Colorized machine status indicator (ready, running, stopped) for easy monitoring. Remaining sew time and stitch count are clearly displayed.

Select your preferred sew speed at the touch of a button.

Easy access to advanced machine settings, including bobbin detection.



Easily load designs by thumbnail or use the search bar to quickly find your embroidery design.\"Bravo

Creating or editing color sequence is a breeze! Thread colors are displayed on a visual representation of the thread tree. If color information is included in the design, that is also displayed and easily configured.\"Bravo

Hoop selection is simple. Browse and choose your hoop using visual icons. BRAVO SUI contains a full catalogue of hoops, frames, and clamping systems, including the popular Melco Fast Clamp PRO!\"Bravo

Selecting Acti-Feed™ settings is a snap. Start with the icon that most closely matches the material type and fine-tune from there. This feature is especially useful for new or novice users.\"Bravo

Large, user-friendly design window allows rotation, positioning and access to colors or a specific stitch within the design.