List of Fabric Wastage Outside the Marker

The RMG (Readymade Garments) sector faces fabric wastage, which is closely tied to marker efficiency. The higher the marker efficiency, the lower the fabric wastage. However, there are some instances of fabric wastage that occur outside of marker efficiency. This article highlights the different types of such wastage.

Types of Fabric Wastage Outside of Marker Efficiency:

  1. End of Ply Losses: During fabric spreading, some fabric is wasted at the ends of each piece due to machine limitations. On average, 2 inches of fabric are wasted at each end and on each ply, although the exact amount varies depending on the fabric’s durability. This type of wastage can be reduced by carefully controlling the necessary allowances for the marker according to the fabric type.
  2. Selvedge Loss: Each fabric has two selvages, and it is common for designers to avoid placing pattern components over the selvages. As a result, approximately 3% of fabric is wasted along the width. For expensive and stretchy fabrics, it is possible to save some fabric by wasting 2% along the width.
  3. Loss of Fabric in Roll: Fabrics used in the RMG industry often come in rolls, which limits the length of fabric in each roll. Fabric spreading is done based on the marker length in the cutting section of garment manufacturing industries. In some cases, the fabric does not match the multiple lays, resulting in fabric wastage at every roll. To solve this issue, fabric splicing is necessary, which increases fabric wastage along with the remaining fabric at the end of the roll. This problem can be reduced by collecting larger fabric rolls.
  4. Purchase Loss: This is a significant contributor to fabric wastage outside of marker efficiency. Fabric length is identified by fabric manufacturers and suppliers, but sometimes less fabric is wound in the roll than what was paid for. To avoid this problem, fabric length should be measured before purchasing the fabric, and it should only be sourced from reputable manufacturers.

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