List of Fabric Cutting Tools for Apparel Factory

The Fabric Cutting Machine is a crucial component in the textile and garment industries. It cuts fabric pieces in a cutting table, which are then sewn into a finished garment. The cutting department is responsible for acquiring the raw material (mainly fabric and interlining), markers, and dispatching cut pieces to the sewing department. Cutting tools include manual straight knives, slitting machines, scissors, round knives, laser and plasma torch cutters, water jet cutters, and automatic fabric spreading machines. There are manual, power knife, and computerized cutting machines. Hand cutters are used for small cuts, while block cutting, relaying, and re-cutting are the three steps in the cutting process with a straight knife and band knife fabric cutting machine. The final patterns are numbered and bundled for dispatch to the sewing room. A Protective Cutting Tools Policy is in place to ensure the safety of workers and prevent health risks associated with hazardous machines and materials.

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