Lectra Modaris online course

“Lectra Modaris” is a software solution specifically designed for pattern-making, grading, and 3D prototyping in the fashion industry. Lectra is a leading provider of integrated technology solutions for industries using soft materials such as textiles, leather, industrial fabrics, and composite materials. “Modaris” is one of their flagship products, widely used by fashion designers, pattern makers, and apparel manufacturers worldwide.

Here are some details about the “Lectra Modaris” course:

  1. Course Title: Lectra Modaris Training Course
  2. Course Provider: Lectra or Authorized Training Partners
  3. Course Duration: The duration of the course varies depending on the level and depth of the training. It can range from a few days for basic training to several weeks for more comprehensive courses.
  4. Course Content: The course typically covers the following topics:
    • Introduction to Lectra Modaris software interface and tools
    • Fundamentals of pattern-making and grading
    • Creating and modifying patterns digitally
    • Utilizing advanced features for efficient pattern development
    • Integration of Modaris with other Lectra solutions such as Diamino for marker making
    • Introduction to 3D prototyping and virtual fitting using Modaris 3D
    • Tips and tricks for optimizing workflow and increasing productivity
  5. Prerequisites: While there are usually no strict prerequisites for attending a Lectra Modaris course, familiarity with basic computer operations and knowledge of pattern-making concepts would be beneficial.
  6. Delivery Method: The course can be delivered through various methods, including:
    • On-site training conducted at Lectra’s training centers or client premises
    • Online training sessions conducted via webinars or virtual classrooms
    • Self-paced e-learning modules for certain aspects of the software
  7. Certification: Upon completion of the course and any associated assessments, participants may receive a certificate of completion from Lectra or the training provider.
  8. Target Audience: The course is suitable for fashion designers, pattern makers, garment technicians, product developers, and other professionals working in the apparel industry who wish to enhance their skills in pattern-making and utilize digital tools for garment development.
  9. Cost: The cost of the course varies depending on factors such as the duration, level of training, and training provider. It’s advisable to contact Lectra or their authorized training partners for specific pricing information. It will be $300 to $500.

Overall, the Lectra Modaris training course provides participants with essential skills and knowledge to efficiently create, modify, and optimize patterns using digital tools, thereby streamlining the garment development process and improving productivity in the fashion industry.