Lectra Design Concept Auto V4R3sp2 64 BIT

DesignConcept FurnitureVirtual prototyping and product development software

DesignConcept Furniture
Virtual prototyping and product development software

DesignConcept V4r3sp2
What is DesignConcept?
DesignConcept is an all-in-one virtual prototypingpreliminary costingproduct development and pattern preparation solution that enables you to quickly manufacture high quality products without going over budget. It offers unique flexibility for optimizing styles, generating technical specifications and controlling manufacturing costs.\"DesignConcept

DesignConcept 3D/2D
With DesignConcept 3D, designes can simultaneously create virtual models, evaluate feasibility constraints, calculate preliminary manufacturing costs and share this key decision-making information with stakeholders before producing the first physical model.
Using DesignConcept 2D in association with DesignConcept 3D offers a unique level of flexibility for designing and optimizing patterns.The documentation functions in DesignConcept 2D allow you to quickly create sewing plans, technical documentation for the frame and a Bill of Materials. These specifications are automatically updated whenever changes are made to the original model.

Develop faster, save more with a DesignConcept subscription
Lower up-front investment and more flexibility (6 month, 1 or 3 year durations)
IPEA™ and KOYO™  component libraries access (feet, cushions, internal mechanisms)
Digital learning platform for self-directed software discovery

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