I will be clothing sewing pattern maker


I’m a professional clothing sewing Pattern Maker with different size grading using by CAD pattern maker program. I have been working as a pattern maker for 12 years in the garments industry. I make clothing sewing pattern for different purpose,

Please let me know what you will do with this sewing pattern?

Then I can give you proper good service at a reasonable cost,

1: Use yourself at home?

2: Send to the factory for making your garment?

3: Sell online for a home tailor?

4: For Sublimation Print design?

5: For learning purpose

6: Or for other purposes

Especially, If you are an online clothing sewing pattern seller Brand, then we will as your sewing pattern maker to grow your pattern business, our pattern maker will provide you PDF sewing pattern as your customer user-friendly, pdf will be per size-wise layered with different colors, your Customers are able to print any one size they need.

Note: If you have your own customized requirements, please send me a small message I will respond very early.


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Call: +88 01712743501(WhatsApp,Imo)

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