Grafis V10.02 Cad Software Work Windows 10 64 Bit And 32Bit

GRAFIS is a modern CAD software for garment design. It allows the creation and editing of cuts, their grading and the output on printers and plotters as well as the export of the finished cut patterns in different data formats. The GRAFIS CAD system is used in industry…

Grafis V10.02 Cad Software Work Windows 10 64 Bit And 32Bit

With GRAFIS clothing construction, unlike other CAD systems, you have the advantage of the construction principle. Each step is documented in a construction record and can be utilised again and again with different measurement charts (body measurements or finished measurements) to give you maximum control over your style development.


Therefore, as a rule, grading in GRAFIS is not carried out as standard grade rule grading but as a new calculation of the entire construction. Grading ensues automatically based on measurement charts. But, of course, we do not take away your freedom to actively grade according to your requirements through break-size dependent adjustment. Thus, the style is entirely in your hands.

If you want to grade finished patterns from other systems or digitised pattern pieces, you do not have to abandon grade rules. As an alternative to grading via the construction record, you have the option to work traditionally with grade rules at grade points.

The production of prototypes, which cost significant time and money, can be reduced to a minimum with VStitcher from Browzwear and the GRAFIS Plugin for VStitcher. The amount of sample pieces can be significantly reduced, communication within your company is simplified and the simulation is perfectly suited for product presentation, marketing purposes or actual sales.


With GRAFIS CAD Clothing Construction and VStitcher from Browzwear you can illustrate and simulate all your styles in 3D, so that you can finally check your fit instantly without expensive and time-consuming samples.


Preparation of your styles including all information required for the simulation ensues directly within GRAFIS CAD . All pattern pieces can be virtually sewn in GRAFIS. The positioning of the pieces, their alignment in 3D and manufacturing elements such as pleats, gathering, creases or folds become part of your production style. The GRAFIS Plugin enables a direct transfer of the style to VStitcher with instant simulation possibility.


You now have the ability to simulate style modifications to fit and design directly without further preparation within seconds. Material and texture properties already assigned to material and seams in VStitcher remain intact during each style update.

Graded or made-to-measure pattern can also be visualised. The avatar is adapted in VStitcher or loaded as a ‘Scanatar’.
Inspire your customers with this great potential for individual fittings.


The realistic simulation enables you to tweak the fit directly. This close interaction between 2D pattern construction and 3D visualisation is unique.

Your advantages

  • Early prototype development – long before samples or materials are available
  • Realistic 3D pattern visualisation in real-time
  • Fast and precise 3D style development
  • Improved communication and collaboration between designers and manufacturers
  • Reduced development cost

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