Gerber Omega 6.5 Version Work Windows 10-8-7 32Bit 64Bit


Gerber OMEGA design and output software is a complete suite of layout, design, output and conversion tools created specifically for use in the sign industry.

\”OMEGA 6.5 continues to add capabilities to the existing OMEGA functionality, while maintaining its important goal of being easy to use and learn. \”Whether you are creating designs for the GERBER EDGE, cut vinyl, or inkjet workflows, OMEGA 6.5 has important functionality for you.” OMEGA 6.5 becomes the standard version for all OMEGA new seats and upgrades.

Prominent OMEGA 6.5 features includes:

  • Easier job estimating and business tracking metrics with Gerber Vinyl and Gerber Color™ Foil material costing.
  • Easily merge PLT file metadata with PLT file graphics to create customer presentations.
  • Save time with improved design organization with groups-of-groups.
  • Increase creativity in less time with enhanced viewing features while in Composer dialog boxes.
  • Improved import and export features.
  • Better control of shadow and outline functions.
  • Easier usage of output settings for backcut decals.
  • Enhanced viewing of clipping paths while in wire frame view mode.

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