Gerber Accumark 12.2 Full Pack Work Windows 8-10 64Bit | Accumark + Accunest + Accuplan + 3D

AccuMark 12.2 has been designed to fully empower the industry by enhancing Gerber’s end-to-end platform through an improved digital print workflow, several new 3D capabilities that will improve fit assessment, and offer better communication among partners and team members. AccuMark 3D 12.2 also includes major improvements in 3D simulations. Gerber’s integrated 2D/3D solution provides the most efficient workflow for validating patterns during fit and style development. Patternmakers can seamlessly simulate patterns while making pattern corrections, even on graded sizes.

In order to combat the need for on-demand, personalised products, many companies are starting to leverage digital printing. AccuMark 12.2 offers new enhancements that will improve the digital printing process including the ability to apply barcodes and QR codes to seam allowances and PDF image option that supports spot colours.

The latest instalment of the industry-leading CAD solution will also feature major updates to their cut planning software, AccuPlan, which will further enable their customers to take on the challenges of mass production. AccuPlan 12.2 not only makes it simple to get a precise cut but, when combined with Gerber’s powerful nesting software, AccuNest, is able to drastically reduce costs and material waste.

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