Costing & Consumption

Garment costing and consumption refer to the process of calculating the costs and material requirements for producing a garment. This information is critical for ensuring profitability and making informed decisions about pricing and production.

To calculate the cost of a garment, various factors must be taken into account, including the cost of materials, labor, overhead, shipping, and any applicable taxes or duties. The cost of materials can be determined by analyzing the consumption of each raw material, including fabric, thread, buttons, zippers, and any other materials needed for the garment’s construction.

Garment consumption is the process of determining the quantity of each material required to make a specific garment. This information is essential for purchasing and managing inventory, as well as ensuring accurate costing.

There are various methods for calculating garment consumption, including manual methods and computer-aided systems. These methods may involve measuring the pattern pieces, creating markers, or using software to generate digital patterns and determine material requirements.

Overall, accurate costing and consumption data are essential for optimizing production and ensuring profitability in the garment industry.


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