ColorGate Production Server 20.01

ColorGATE Productionserver

ColorGATE Productionserver is a modular and scalable workflow solution for large and wide format printing devices including Ricoh’s Pro L5100 and a wide range of other third party printers. It offers a single solution that can be expanded to fit a wide range of applications and productivity requirements and drive multiple mixed vendor devices.

ColorGATE is built around the latest Adobe PDF Print Engine (APPE) technology offering fast, accurate processing of graphically rich PDF content from creative design and page layout applications allowing print service providers to process and reproduce complex design files with integrity versus the original design.

ColorGATE also offers integrated ICC colour management and calibration tools to help customers characterise the wide variety of media common in wide and large format applications. These tools allow customers to meet in-house or industry colour standards or to reproduce the best results possible using the maximum colour gamut possible from a given printer, ink and media combination.

Optional ink saving and cost calculation tools allow customers to have full visibility over their print costs both before and after printing and ensure their target profit margins are being achieved across multiple jobs, substrates and devices. Specific tools are also available to handle white ink printing (an optional configuration for the Pro L5100) including linearization.

Whether it is colour output to a single device or handling large volumes of work for a variety of applications across multiple output devices and substrates then ColorGATE offers the scalability and capabilities to meet such demands.


  •  Supports Ricoh and a wide range of third party devices
  •  Provides a single solution for all of your large and wide format output requirements
  •  Integrated ICC colour management and calibration tools allow characterisation of a wide range of media
  •  Ink saving controls allow high quality colour reproduction with quicker drying times
  •  Adobe PDF Print Engine based technology for fast accurate processing of the latest PDF and design standards
  •  Certified with Ricoh L4100 for the ColorLogic solution for white ink applications


  • Maintain and train internal operators on a single solution
  • High quality colour from multiple devices & substrates
  • Match industry standard or internal colour standards
  • Latest Adobe APPE technology allows you to handle the latest design standards quickly and faithfully as the client intended
  • Add modules to accommodate specific applications as your business evolves

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